Breast Augmentation: Why Some Patients Regret Going Too Small

Dr. Beale 7:00 pm

One of the most difficult decisions you’ll make as you prepare for breast augmentation is choosing an implant size. Finding that sweet spot between too big and too small can be challenging, but it is worth the extra effort and time. We’ll help you find your perfect breast size at | more

The Limits of Liposuction: How Much Fat Is Safe to Remove?

Dr. Beale 9:43 pm

As the weather warms up, the questions about liposuction start rolling in. This fat removal procedure is one of the best ways to get your body prepped and ready for summer and is one of our most popular procedures this time of the year. Liposuction removes fat, but how much? | more

Contoured and Comfortable: Recovering from Liposuction

Dr. Beale 10:41 pm

You can count on Dr. Beale to be there every step of the way; before, during, and after your procedure. Learn more about what to expect in the recovery process after your Liposuction procedure in our infographic below. Have questions? Contact us today by calling 972-566-3001!

What Is the Difference Between Weight Loss and Body Contouring

Dr. Beale 11:03 pm

If you need to drop a few pounds, hit the gym or change your diet. If you want to sculpt away a stubborn bulge or roll, come see Dr. Beale for body contouring. Weight loss and body contouring aren’t the same thing and the best methods for achieving these goals | more

How to Achieve Your Goal Weight Before Surgery and Why it Matters

Dr. Beale 10:26 pm

Hitting your goal weight before plastic surgery can be a challenge, but it is worth the effort. Learn the reasons why Dr. Beale recommends achieving your ideal weight before going under the knife. We’re also sharing some of our best weight loss tips. Hopefully, this blog post will provide a | more

Age, Genetics, and Babies: How Life Changes Your Body

Dr. Beale 4:56 pm

It’s no secret that pregnancy changes your body.  At some points, change is appreciated and even anticipated, but as you get older, bodily changes are often less desirable. Change is inevitable, but with plastic surgery, you can remain in charge of your appearance. Learn how Dr. Beale helps his patients | more

Is Breast Implant Drop N’ Fluff Real?

Dr. Beale 9:59 pm

Have you heard of “drop and fluff?” This catchy phrase provides a simple explanation of the important changes your breasts will undergo after breast augmentation surgery. The results you see right after breast surgery are not your final results. Learn more about breast augmentation in Dallas, TX and breast implants | more

What Were the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2018?

Dr. Beale 9:40 pm

We are so excited for 2019! As we roll into a new year, we wanted to take a few minutes to look back on 2018 and review some of the plastic surgery trends we saw in our Dallas, TX plastic surgery practice. What were Dr. Beale’s most popular procedures in | more

Tis the Season for Glowing Skin

Dr. Beale 5:13 pm

May your holidays be merry and bright. When it comes to bright, glowing skin is one of our favorite ways to shine. Get our tips for your best skin this season. Happy holidays from Dr. Beale and all of us! Give Your Skin the Gift of Beauty- Skin Resurfacing for | more

Non-Surgical Treatments to Gift Your Loved Ones

Dr. Beale 6:41 pm

Finding the perfect holiday gift isn’t always easy. What will be appreciated, used, and enjoyed? If your to-buy list is anything like ours, giftees vary widely, in tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes. This year skip the popcorn tins and the candy canes and give the gift of beauty instead. A | more

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