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What is tuberous breast correction?

This surgery is 100 percent customized, as every woman has a unique condition. Tuberous breast correction may involve a single surgery or a staged approach. A tissue expander may be needed first, and in a later surgery, the implant is placed. In many cases, the breast glandular tissue is constricted, and the tissue must be released surgically. A ridge of fibrous tissue may have developed, which has affected the natural growth and shape of the breast. Issues such as the location of the breast fold, areolas that appear overly large, or oddly shaped breasts can all be surgically resolved.

What can tuberous breast correction do?

This custom surgery, performed by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Evan Beale, can resolve any of the following aesthetic problems associated with tuberous breasts:

  • Elongated breasts that are tubular in shape
  • A sagging, droopy breast that is different in size
  • Protruding, overly large areolas
  • A large space between the breasts that present an unusual appearance
  • Very small breasts with a lack of glandular tissue
  • Overhanging or drooping breast skin
  • Breasts are too high on the chest wall
  • No breast crease
  • Nipples that point downwards
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What is tuberous breast correction surgery like to experience?

Your custom surgery will be performed with anesthesia and may require several hours to complete. In many cases, the surgery involves releasing the constricting tissue, treating the nipples and areolas to achieve a natural shape and size, and placing a breast implant. The nipple structure may be relocated in some cases.

For women with minimal breast tissue, placing a tissue expander may be required as the first step, and when enough skin has developed, the placing of an implant to create a balance between the two breasts, or a natural-looking bust if both breasts were affected. The surgery may involve several techniques:

  • Lowering the location of the breast fold
  • Releasing the constricted tissue to create a rounded look to the breast
  • May involve removing breast tissue filling the areolas so they appear flatter and natural
  • Placing breast implants
  • Altering the position of the nipple structure
  • Reducing nipple and areola size
  • Raising the breast with a custom “lift”

The surgery requires a great depth of experience, knowledge, and the most advanced techniques. When under the care of Dr. Beale, you can be confident that you are being treated by a talented breast surgeon who is committed to ensuring his patients are comfortable, confident, and can expect exceptional results.

How long is the recovery from tuberous breast correction?

The recovery time varies based on the extent of the surgery, but typically, you can six to eight weeks before the swelling fades. You will need to wear a surgical bra to protect your reshaped breasts during your recovery and avoid vigorous physical activities. Any discomfort is managed with prescription pain medication in the initial stage of healing. As the corrective surgery heals and the breasts settle into place, within about two months, you should be able to enjoy your new look.

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Dr. Beale – Your Dallas breast surgeon.

Dr. Evan Beale has the rare ability to resolve tuberous breasts and create a very natural-looking outcome. His approach is personalized, and he is committed to each patient as a person. Facing surgery can be a stressful time, but when under the care of Dr. Beale and his team, you will be educated, know what to expect, and will enjoy a superior level of care and attention from your first appointment through to a complete recovery.

For women who have lived with tuberous breasts, treating the issue with advanced surgery can have a dramatic impact on overall confidence. The surgery can be performed on women as young as eighteen or older.

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