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Why do women undergo breast augmentation?

Women who pursue breast augmentation in Dallas are frequently dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. For some women, the issue is lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but pregnancy isn’t the only culprit. Other women simply are unhappy with their breast size, or they observe breast asymmetry. Tubular breast deformity may also be present, prompting women to seek a solution. If your breasts also sag significantly, you may need a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation to achieve the results you want.

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Breast implants – the decisions you make

Women getting breast implants have several decisions to make – more than just the type of breast implant and size. There are also considerations regarding shape and projection. Dr Beale does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to plastic surgery, so he will work in collaboration with you to determine the best breast implant and surgical technique for you.

Breast Augmentation Park Cities

The first decision – size and shape

The first important decision is the size and shape you’d prefer. During your consultation for breast augmentation in Park Cities, Dr Beale will conduct a physical examination and ask you many questions about how you would like your breasts to look.

Breast implants come in round and teardrop shapes. TearDrop implants are fuller at the bottom than at the top to approximate the natural breast. Round implants provide more cleavage. Dr Beale will make recommendations based on his many years of experience providing successful breast augmentations. Your unique anatomy must be considered. For example, your height, the width of your chest, and the proportions of your body should all be considered when customizing the size and shape.

Breast Augmentation in Dallas

The second decision – breast implant type

The second important decision about your treatment plan is whether you’ll choose silicone or saline, both of which are safe and effective. The choice between the two is a matter of preference. Women between the ages of 18 and 21 are only FDA-approved for saline breast implants, while women over the age of 21 have the option of both saline and silicone. Dr Beale has been delighting women throughout Dallas with their breast implant results throughout his career. He achieves stunning results with both breast implant types.

What types of implants can I choose from?

  • Gummy Bear - more stable
  • Silicone - less scarring
  • Saline - natural feeling

the third decision – your breast augmentation incision

The third major decision is choosing one of the three types of surgical incisions used in the procedure. An incision can be made in the inframammary fold (the crease at the bottom of the breast), around the areola, or in the armpit.

Dr Beale is skilled in each technique and will work with you to decide on the incision that works best for you. Your anatomy and the type of implant you choose may affect your incision choice.

the fourth decision – implant placement

Finally, you must decide whether the implants are placed above or below the chest muscles (pectoralis major). In most cases, submuscular (under the muscle) placement is preferable. If the implant is placed over the muscle (subglandular placement), more of the implant is felt. For this reason, silicone breast implants are preferable in that case because they have a more natural feel.

The surgery itself takes about an hour and is performed in a hospital or surgery center, generally under general anesthesia. Your breast augmentation can easily be combined with other procedures such as:

Recovery from breast augmentation

Following your Highland Park TX breast augmentation, you should limit activity for 48 hours to reduce any discomfort, but you will be given medications to control any pain you experience. You can shower the morning after surgery and resume all normal activities within a few days, except for strenuous activities (especially any exercises involving the chest).

Some bruising and swelling are to be expected, but this will go away within a few weeks. We will ask you to be careful during sleep and will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions. You will see Dr Beale for follow-up examinations to make sure you are healing well and that you are happy with your results.

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Why choose Dr Beale for breast augmentation?

During every breast augmentation, Dr Beale strives to create natural results—never contrived or unnatural. Particularly in the art of breast augmentation, it is important you choose a surgeon who works with your individual anatomy. Dr Beale takes all facets into account, and will not attempt to deliver an unnatural result that is unsuitable for your body. His common-sense approach combines advanced technical skill with an artistic eye, ensuring an optimal outcome.

In addition to the surgical result, Dr Beale ensures comfort during each step of your journey. Both he and his staff see to every detail, helping your experience remain smooth and effective. Your first step will be a private consultation in his Park Cities office, during which the two of you will discuss breast augmentation in detail, allowing you to make an informed decision. To explore your options, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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How do I know if I need a breast lift in addition to my breast augmentation?

If you feel you need to correct substantial breast sagging in addition to a lack of breast volume, you may need to combine your breast augmentation in Dallas with a breast lift. Many of our patients whose breasts have been affected by aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding suffer not just from volume loss but sagging as well.

Breast sagging often indicates a loss in skin elasticity, and placing heavy implants in such skin may worsen the sagging. To make sure our patients get the very best outcomes, a combination procedure might be necessary.

How often will I need to replace my breast implants?

There’s a common misconception that almost all women with breast augmentation will require a breast implant exchange every ten years or so—many modern implants are durable enough to last for much longer. The only times you’ll need to exchange your implant is if you want a different look, or on a rare occasion, the implant fails and needs to be replaced with another device. If you’re happy with how your breast look, feel, and move, and there’s no problem with how the device works, there’s no need to have them replaced.

If you’re eager to lower the chances of an implant exchange or a breast revision surgery, you should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience delivering the breast augmentation procedure.

Will implants prevent me from breastfeeding if I become pregnant?

Many women can successfully breastfeed after breast augmentation, although milk production abilities may be lowered. If you have concerns about breastfeeding with implants, talk with Dr Beale before surgery so he can address your concerns.

Pregnancy, lactation, and breastfeeding all bring about changes to the breast tissue. If you have breast implants and you get pregnant, the changes in your breast tissue might lead to irregular breast shape and breast implant malposition.

For this reason, many plastic surgeons recommend that patients wait until they’re completely done having children before they pursue cosmetic surgery. Of course, it is possible that patients can retain their breast augmentation results even after a subsequent pregnancy, but the odds are that this will significantly affect the outcome. If this occurs, another procedure may be necessary to revise the outcome.

When will I see the full results of my breast augmentation?

During the initial stages of your recovery, it might feel as if your implants are riding in a higher position or hardened. It will take some time for your skin and breast tissues to relax and for your implants to settle down into the breast implant pocket. The swelling in your tissues and its tightness should dissipate completely after three to six months but depending on your anatomy, it may take longer. During your initial consultation, Dr Beale will fully cover this aspect of breast augmentation.

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