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What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to achieve larger, more symmetrical, round breasts. During breast augmentation surgery, implants of your choosing are inserted to provide the shape, projection, and volume you want. Breast augmentations are often combined with a breast lift to help achieve a perky, upward tilt of the nipples and to remove any excess sagging skin.

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Reasons to get breast augmentation

There are a number of factors that can require breast augmentation for women who would like to achieve larger, more youthful breasts.

  • Breast volume loss after having children
  • Problems or concerns from a previous surgery
  • A mastectomy
  • Tuberous breasts
  • Significant weight loss
  • Changes in the breasts due to age

What to expect during/after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Beale will make incisions, which are placed according to the type of implants you’re having and the breast augmentation technique required for your custom procedure. A “pocket” is created in each breast. Depending on your surgical plan, the implants are placed either under or over the pectoral muscles. Once the implants are placed, the procedure is completed by closing the incisions with sutures.

After your breast augmentation, there will be a period of swelling and discomfort as you heal. This will last for two to three weeks, and it will be four to six weeks before you can resume strenuous exercise again. As you continue to heal, the swelling fades, and your implants settle into place, you will be able to notice your final results–full, round, natural-looking breasts that look curvy and appealing. After getting breast implants, women generally feel very happy with their new breasts and feel more confident.

Fat transfer or breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation with implants achieves significant volume and improves the shape and symmetry of breasts. Fat transfer breast augmentation offers fewer options for patients and enhances the breast side more subtly, usually increasing the breasts by no more than a cup size. However, the enhancement is achieved with your natural tissue, eliminating the need to put a foreign implant into your body.

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Breast augmentation with lift

Women whose breasts are sagging due to age or lost volume, which can also result in downturned nipples, may desire to combine their breast augmentation with a breast lift. This combination procedure inserts the implants, then lifts the breasts higher on the chest wall, removing loose, excess skin. The breasts and nipples are tilted youthfully upward to achieve a perky, youthful appearance.

Candidates for breast augmentation

Women who would like to enhance their breast size and shape may be good candidates for breast augmentation in Dallas. The best way to find out if breast augmentation is right for you is with a thoughtful, stress-free consultation from Dr Beale. Generally, ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Are in good physical health
  • Do not smoke
  • Have a healthy frame of mind before surgery
  • Have smaller, flattened, or asymmetrical breasts
  • Breasts lack adequate volume

My experience with Dr Beale and his staff was fantastic. I had not had any surgery since infancy, and I was confident going into my procedure. Everyone I encountered was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. My results are even better than I expected. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Beale to anyone!

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Breast Augmentation - Which Implant Style Is Right For You? Infographic

Choosing the right size and shape

The right size and shape of your new breasts is a personal decision, based on your vision for your breasts. You will choose an implant size with Dr Beale, who will take your natural frame and proportions into account as well. Breast implant sizes are measured by ccs. A one-cup-size increase is about 130 to 150 ccs.

As a part of your decision, you will also choose a shape and profile for your breasts, which will determine how far your breasts will project outward from your chest and whether your breasts will be more round or teardrop-shaped.

Why choose Dr Beale?

Dr Evan Beale is a board-certified, trusted authority in the field of plastic surgery, whose experience and expertise in the art of breast augmentation has earned him a reputation as a top breast surgeon. He strives to create natural results – never contrived or fake-looking.

It is important to choose a breast augmentation specialist who works with your individual anatomy. Dr Beale takes all facets into account and will not attempt to deliver a result that is unsuitable for your unique body type. His common-sense approach combines advanced technical skills with an artistic eye, ensuring an optimal outcome.

In addition to your nuanced surgical results, Dr Beale ensures comfort during each step of your journey. Both he and his staff see to every detail, helping your experience remain smooth and effective. To find out more about breast augmentation with Dr Beale, please call today for a consultation.

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Breast Augmentation FAQs

How do I know if I need a breast lift in addition to my breast augmentation?

If you’re experiencing breast sagging in addition to a lack of volume, a breast lift should be performed. Breast sagging often indicates a loss in skin elasticity, and placing heavy implants may worsen the sagging.

How often will I need to replace my breast implants?

Breast implants last for many years. Typically, the only times you’ll need to exchange your implants is if you want a different look, or on a rare occasion, the implants fail and need to be replaced.

Will implants prevent me from breastfeeding if I become pregnant?

You will still be able to breastfeed after having implants. Be sure to discuss this desire with Dr Beale before your procedure, so that he can take it into account in his surgical plan.

When will I see the full results of my breast augmentation?

Your implants will take 3-6 months or longer to fully settle as swelling goes down and your skin relaxes.

What are the risks of breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation carries the risks that any surgery does, including bleeding, blood clots, pain, scarring, infection, anesthesia risks, and others. Breast implant risks also include implant failure or rupture, shifting, or hardening.

Will I have cleavage?

Breast augmentation generally provides more cleavage for women. If you desire ample cleavage, this can be achieved with the placement of the implants.

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