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What can a tummy tuck accomplish?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty reforms a sagging belly and restores a smaller waistline by removing excess fat and skin in the abdominal region, while also bringing the abdominal muscles back together at the midline. The result is a tighter, flatter, and slimmer tummy and waist.

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A tummy tuck and you – choosing the right procedure

During your consultation for a tummy tuck in Dallas, Dr Beale will examine you and ask a number of questions about your abdominal concerns. He will then discuss the different options in detail so you know what to expect from your surgery. He has many years of experience providing successful tummy tucks for his patients. He approaches every patient as an individual and creates a surgical plan that is customized to your needs, goals, and anatomy.

If you plan to have more children, we recommend that you postpone your tummy tuck, as pregnancy can cause separation of the abdominal muscles again, as well as additional sagging of the skin and accumulation of fat. Significant weight gain or weight loss after a tummy tuck can also affect the results, so the best candidates are near their target weight.

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The tummy tuck procedure

There are a variety of tummy tuck techniques, but generally, a horizontal incision is made in the lower part of the abdomen below the waist where the scar will remain hidden under clothes (even a bathing suit). Sometimes, however, an additional incision around the belly button is necessary.

Through the incision, the abdominal skin is lifted off the abdominal wall up to the rib cage. Stomach skin is then stretched downward, and excess skin is removed. While doing this, the abdominal muscles are also tightened, and excess fat is removed. Fat can also be removed using liposuction.

If liposuction is necessary, a “tumescent” solution is injected through a small tube inserted under the skin, called a cannula. This solution contains small amounts of numbing medication, as well as medication to control bleeding. After the solution is allowed to take effect over a few minutes, the cannula, which is attached to a suction machine, is used to aspirate the fat from the targeted areas. Dr Beale uses the cannula to precisely and artistically address the target areas, resulting in a much-improved body contour.

Dr. Beale did an amazing job on my tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift. I could not be happier. Dr. Beale, Blake, Dawn & Heather are a great team who made me feel very comfortable from the very first visit!

- L.T.

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The mini-tummy tuck procedure

A “mini-tummy tuck” is a similar procedure that may also be combined with liposuction. The incision is similar, but smaller than a traditional tummy tuck, and focuses on removing excess skin in the lower abdomen only. Dr Beale will discuss each option with you in consultation, and based upon your anatomy and desires, he will recommend the best option for you.

Dr Beale will take care to keep scarring to a minimum while also providing you with your desired outcome. The surgery is performed in a hospital or surgery center under general anesthesia and is completed within approximately one to two hours.

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Final results and follow-up

You will see the final results of your Park Cities tummy tuck when post-operative swelling has resolved. Bear in mind, too, that the scar will take some time to fade and flatten after your surgery.

You will see Dr Beale for follow-up examinations to ensure you are healing well and that you are happy with your results. With proper diet and exercise, your tummy tuck results can last for decades.

Dr Evan Beale is board certified in plastic surgery with years of experience. His facility is fully accredited, and he uses only board-certified anesthesiologists. Patient safety is paramount.

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Why choose Dr Beale for a tummy tuck in Dallas?

During every procedure, Dr Beale’s surgical goal is to create results that are completely natural in appearance. Rather than subscribing to a one-size-fits-all approach, he instead caters to each patient’s individual anatomy, creating a look that is completely unique.

His common-sense approach to surgery is bolstered by advanced technical skill and an artistic eye, ensuring complete proportion and detail. While the surgical outcome is the priority, Dr Beale also ensures total comfort for his patients throughout their journey. From the office to the staff to Dr Beale himself, every step is met with responsiveness to each patient’s needs. During your initial consultation in Park Cities, he will work collaboratively with you to determine the best possible option for you—always maintaining transparency and keeping you informed. Further, he sets forth realistic expectations and will not perform a procedure if he does not feel it is in your best interest.

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