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Reasons to have botox

There are a number of reasons why BOTOX is among the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures in the nation. BOTOX in Dallas has a number of advantages for our patients:

  • It is performed without anesthetic.
  • It is a quick procedure you can do over the lunch hour.
  • It is a safe, FDA-approved procedure with minimal side effects.
  • There is no downtime after treatment.
  • Results are visible within a few days after BOTOX injections.
  • It can be injected in the delicate area under the eyes to treat laugh lines.

Cosmetic issues that can be addressed with botox

BOTOX is a versatile treatment with many cosmetic applications. It can help patients:

  • Treat frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Smooth creases and wrinkles on the forehead
  • Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Lift turned-down corners of the mouth
  • Minimize lip lines
  • Reduce vertical bands in the neck
BOTOX in Dallas

How does botox work?

BOTOX is known as a neuromodulator. It works by interfering with nerves signaling the muscles to contract. This causes a reduction of activity in the target muscles.

In medicine, very small amounts of the toxin are injected into precise locations, and in cosmetic medicine, it is used to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

BOTOX is extremely successful at treating the two vertical crease lines between the eyebrows, the horizontal furrows on the forehead, and “crow’s feet.” BOTOX can improve the appearance of these wrinkles and, to some degree, keep them from progressively worsening in appearance. With low costs, noticeable results and no recovery, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today.


How Long do the Results of BOTOX Last?

BOTOX results normally last for three months. The length of the results will depend on several factors. The original tone of the skin prior to the treatment is a huge factor. Another factor is the length of time between treatments. It is important to schedule a follow-up appointment before the effects wear off, allowing the skin tone to remain consistent.

Do BOTOX Injections Cause Side Effects?

BOTOX injections cause minimal side effects. The most common side effects include inflammation and bruising around the treatment area. The injection sites may feel warm and be tender to the touch for the first few hours. After the initial side effects begin to disappear, tenderness throughout the treatment area may be felt. Any feelings of firmness or rigidity should begin to dissipate after the first few days. The initial inflammation and bruising should only last two or three days.

Recovery following botox

The only recovery from BOTOX in Dallas is related to the needle going through the skin. With any injection, small blood vessels may be punctured, leading to small amounts of bruising. This can be minimized by avoiding blood-thinning medications such as Advil or Aspirin around the time of treatment.

Dallas BOTOX

Why choose Dr Beale for botox?

Dr Beale’s goal is always to deliver beautiful results to his patients, and this extends to non-surgical procedures. He or his PA carefully administer BOTOX with total precision and an artistic eye. Some patients are rightfully trepidatious about so-called “overtreatment” with BOTOX. At our office, our approach is entirely about conserving your facial expression while still addressing any cosmetic issues.

In addition to a natural result, our office is focused on delivering a smooth, comfortable patient journey. Every step is met with total attention to detail, from the moment you come in for your private consultation in our Dallas office. To learn more about BOTOX, or any other cosmetic procedure, please call our office and set an appointment.

Dr Beale was very professional and easy to talk to. He told me exactly what he was doing, which I really appreciated. He also had one of the gentlest touches I have ever had with injections to my face. Also, the staff was really friendly and the office was beautiful plus easy to get to with free parking. I will definitely return.

- M.M.

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