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Dr Evan W Beale Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dallas' Premier Mommy Makeover

Your Pre-Baby Body, Restored.

Dr Evan W Beale is the premier mommy makeover surgeon in Dallas, with widespread acclaim from patients and his peers for his precision, aesthetic eye, and exceptional results. Your mommy makeover is custom-created, just for you. Imagine your body restored to its firm, fit, pre-baby condition, free from excess fat and skin, with lifted breasts, and any tummy problems repaired.

Aging, lifestyle, and pregnancy can stretch and damage your abdominal muscles. If your tummy has lost its firm, fit youthful appearance, and you have split muscles, hanging skin, excess fat and tissue, a bulge that won’t disappear, or stretch marks, a tummy tuck is a perfect way to restore your body.

No need to spend your life hiding the fact that you have saggy breasts when you can have firm, lifted, youthful breasts with a custom breast lift, performed by arguably the most accomplished breast surgeon practicing in Dallas, Dr Beale.

Ready to have the beautiful breasts you have always wanted? Our custom breast augmentation surgeries can create round, plump, natural-looking breasts that look incredible in swimsuits, low-cut clothing, and in perfect balance with your figure.

Custom liposuction may be part of your mommy makeover. When pregnant, your body is programmed to store fat, which can be challenging or impossible to lose with dieting.

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I had an amazing experience with Dr Beale and was honored to have him perform my surgery. I have never questioned my choice of surgeon.

Jen F.


Look over our gallery to view the results we consistently achieve with our clients – unretouched.



The beauty of the female figure.

Your breasts are a defining aspect of your figure. Time, age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can damage your breasts – and your confidence in your body. Dr Beale is among the finest breast surgeons practicing in Dallas and performs augmentations, lifts, reductions, revisions, and breast reconstruction.

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Breast Augmentation

Dr Beale takes an artist’s approach to breast augmentation, creating the perfect size, projection, and balance to create the figure you envision for yourself.

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Breast Lift

Imagine your breasts restored to a plump, rounded, youthful look – that’s the beauty of a breast lift performed by the leader in breast lift surgery, Dr Beale.

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Breast Reduction

If you are tired of living with overly-large, heavy breasts and dream of the freedom of a balanced figure, your dreams can become a reality with a custom breast reduction, with your breasts reshaped to the perfect size and shape.

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Breast Revision

If you want to reduce or enlarge breast size, remove implants and return to your natural size, or must undergo a revision due to a complication, Dr Beale uses the most advanced surgical techniques to make the process of breast revision as free from stress as possible.

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Breast Reconstruction

Dr Beale is honored to be selected by women who need breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. His focus, brilliance, and artistry can restore your body and your confidence.

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  • Breast Reconstruction

A Trusted Name In Plastic Surgery

Dr Evan W Beale

“It always saddens me when I am called on to treat patients who have taken shortcuts with cosmetic surgeons. Save yourself the disappointment of a botched procedure and get it done right the first time with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.”

Dr Beale and his team are truly amazing. The care they gave me was so reassuring. I highly recommend Dr Beale for all cosmetic services.

- R.H.


Your body may have lost its youthful, shapely appearance and firm contours. With the help of advanced surgical techniques, transform your figure with a tummy tuck, liposuction, a custom mommy makeover, or have excess skin and tissue removed in post-bariatric surgery.

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Tummy Tuck

A taut, firm abdomen can be yours with a custom tummy tuck. No more excess skin and fat, with your tummy resculpted, tightened, and looking firm and youthful.

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If you have excess fat on your tummy, thighs, buttocks, or upper arms, our advanced liposuction techniques can be life-changing.

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Mommy Makeover

After having children, you may be dismayed with the changes to your breasts and body. Dr Beale is regarded as the premier mommy makeover surgeon in Dallas and will craft a surgical plan to restore your body to its pre-baby look – or better!

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Post-Bariatric Surgery

Congratulations on your weight loss! Now that you have achieved a healthier weight, you may be ready to take the final step – the removal of the excess skin, tissue, and fat that remains. Dr Beale performs custom body contouring so you can reveal your new body with confidence.

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  • Liposuction
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  • Mommy Makeover
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  • Post-Bariatric Surgery


Dr Beale and his PA, Blake are fantastic. They explained the procedure and answered any questions I had and I am very pleased with the work! His staff, Heather and Dawn were also extraordinary as well...


Dr Beale, Dawn, Blake and Heather were so amazing! I just had my breast reduction yesterday and they turned out amazing. Recovery is going great and it’s only been 1 day. Lovely staff, lovely service.


The team Dr Beale has here is absolutely amazing! When I called about a consultation Heather was extremely informative and went above and beyond to ensure that I was properly Informed...


Dr Beale did an amazing job on my tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift. I could not be happier. Dr Beale, Blake, Dawn & Heather are a great team who made me feel very comfortable from the very first visit!


Dr Beale and his team are truly amazing. The care they give me is so reassuring. I highly recommend Dr Beale for all cosmetic services.


I must say, I was extremely terrified of surgery but I was in need of a breast reduction. From my first consultation to the day of surgery, Dr Beale and his team were wonderful.


I would recommend Dr Beale to any of my friends or family. He has done an amazing job. My husband is also extremely satisfied with Dr Beale's work. I feel like the outside finally matches the inside.


Great experience with my son's surgery. Nice and professional staff, I do recommend Dr Beale


My experience with Dr Beale and his staff was fantastic. I had not had any surgery since infancy, and I was confident going into my procedure...


Highly recommend Dr Beale and his staff. I felt very at ease throughout the entire process and I’m very pleased with my results.


Dr Beale was GREAT!!!!!!!! The whole staff from the office manager Dawn, to the PA Blake!!!!! Very friendly and Dawn stays on top of everything!


I love Dr Beale very patient and understanding. I never had a problem with staff or anything. I highly recommend his service


Dr Beale and his staff are Amazing. These Guys Were Great From start to finish.Very Friendly and helpful. My Breast reduction Looks Amazing...


Dr Beale is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. He takes the time to explain the process and listens to his patients. I have been very happy with his services.


Superior results in facial surgery.

Dr Beale is among the most exceptional plastic surgeons practicing in the Dallas region, with the technical skills and artistry you need for results that look fresh, natural, and alluring. Whether a facelift, neck lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, or ear reshaping, you can trust that his meticulous attention to detail will produce superior results.

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The magic of modern aesthetics.

The latest developments in aesthetic science make it possible to enhance your look with non-surgical treatments, including BOTOX, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, or other techniques. Take advantage of the expertise of our aesthetic technicians to create a more beautiful you.

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