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The benefits of liposuction

Liposuction is a reliable body sculpting tool, effective at addressing fatty accumulations in almost any area of the body. It is most frequently used on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, back, arms, and neck. People often get liposuction to smooth “love handles” on the waist, “saddle bags” on the thighs, or jowls/double chin.

While liposuction provides a smoother contour and a slimmer appearance in the areas treated, it is not a weight loss treatment, nor does it remove excess skin or cellulite. The best candidates for liposuction are those who are close to the ideal weight for their height and build. Patients who have firm and elastic skin tend to have optimal results.

If you have loose skin, a procedure that both removes the fatty deposits and trims the loose skin may be necessary. Liposuction is often performed along with other surgeries that remove loose skin, such as a tummy tuck, neck lift, arm lift, thigh lift, and lower body lift.

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Who is the ideal candidate for liposuction?

The ideal candidate for liposuction:

  • Should be in relatively good health, meaning they have no major untreated conditions or diseases.
  • Should be somewhat close to their ideal weight (and be able to maintain it).
  • Should have family, friends, or caretakers who can drive them home after the procedure and help them through the recovery period.
  • Should have realistic expectations for what liposuction can do for them.
  • Should have good skin elasticity.
  • Should be fairly fit, but still want to remove stubborn pockets of fat from their body that hasn’t budged with diet and exercise.
  • Wants to remove stubborn pockets of fat on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, back, arms, neck, “love handles” on the waist, “saddle bags” on the thighs, and the jowls/double chin.

How exactly is liposuction performed?

While there are various types of liposuction, they all subscribe to the same basic process. First, tiny incisions (5-10 mm in size) are made adjacent to the area to be targeted. A “tumescent” solution is then injected through a small tube inserted under the skin, called a cannula. This solution contains small amounts of numbing medication, as well as medication to control bleeding.

After the solution is allowed to take effect over a few minutes, cannulas attached to a suction machine are used to aspirate the fat from the targeted areas. The cannula is moved in and out, and the fat is removed until the appropriate body contour is achieved. The incision is then closed.

The above is a description of traditional liposuction or tumescent liposuction. All other types of liposuction are similar except for the type of device used by the surgeon. All techniques, including laser liposuction, require incisions:

  • Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) involves the use of an electric motor to manipulate the cannula.
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL) uses ultrasound technology to liquefy the fat.
  • Safe-Lipo is called “safe” because it perhaps better protects the surrounding tissue as the fat is removed. It also includes a final equalization process that further smooths transitions between treated and untreated areas.

Liposuction with fat grafting

Dr Beale also performs fat grafting (fat injections) – using the fat harvested from one area to enhance another area. For example, you could remove pockets of fat from your abdomen and inject that fat (after it has been properly treated) into areas of the face that have lost volume. This anti-aging technique is used as an alternative to dermal fillers.

Dr Beale has many years of experience with liposuction, and has provided numerous Dallas liposuction patients with excellent results. He approaches every patient as an individual and creates a surgical plan that is customized to your needs, goals, and anatomy.

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Recovery from liposuction

When can I resume normal activity?

Most patients may resume normal activity within a week or less and can exercise fully at three to four weeks.

What about pain, swelling or bruising?

Some pain, swelling, and bruising are to be expected, but most patients find that these symptoms are not severe. A compressive garment to reduce swelling is worn for three to four weeks but can be removed for showering. During the initial recovery, you will be given pain medication to keep you comfortable, but these meds are not usually necessary after a few days.

Will Dr Beale see me for follow up appointments?

Dr Beale will see you during post-operative examinations to ensure that your body is healing well. Our patients are very happy with the results of liposuction with Dr Beale.

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Why choose Dr Beale for liposuction?

During every procedure, Dr Beale’s goal is to provide his patients with natural results. He understands each patient has unique anatomy, and this always needs to be considered. Because plastic surgery is so precise, there should never be a one-size-fits-all mentality. Dr Beale’s common-sense approach leverages his advanced technical skill along with his artistic eye, ensuring proportion and detail in the outcome.

In addition to providing beautiful results, Dr Beale will help you feel as comfortable as possible both in his care and as you interact with his excellent staff. After a thorough evaluation at his Park Cities, Dallas office, Dr Beale works in collaboration with you to create a plan that achieves optimal results in an uncompromisingly safe environment. He sets forth realistic expectations for outcomes and will not perform any procedure unless it is in your best interest.

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Is liposuction a weight loss procedure?

Although patients do tend to lose around 5-10 pounds due to the removal of fat, liposuction should never be considered a weight loss procedure. Surgeons would need to remove so much fat from the body for substantial weight loss that it would put the patient’s health at risk. Ultimately, liposuction is for patients who simply want to remove isolated pockets of fat in the body that don’t respond to diet or exercise.

Many surgeons actually recommend that patients be fairly close to their ideal weight before undergoing liposuction. When patients are in good shape and stay in good shape, they’re more likely to maintain their results. Maintaining your weight after your liposuction means preventing the possibility of another liposuction procedure in the future or the development of loose, excess skin.

If you’re concerned about meeting your target weight before your procedure, make sure to contact our office about your options for getting in shape before your liposuction in Dallas.

Whats the difference between liposuction and tummy tuck?

While both procedures produce amazing body contouring results, liposuction and a tummy tuck have completely different objectives. The tummy tuck is designed to give patients a sleek, more athletic abdomen; it primarily removes excess skin on the belly and tightens loosened abdominal muscles, leading to a slimmer waist and a stronger core.

Liposuction, however, works all over the body; it sculpts a patient’s figure by extracting stubborn pockets of fat through a metal tube called a cannula. Because it doesn’t specifically address loose skin, it’s highly recommended that only patients with excellent skin elasticity undergo liposuction.

While a tummy tuck leads to a scar of some length below the abdomen, liposuction only results in small, mole-sized scars—although it’s important to point out that it is still a significant surgical procedure.

Is liposuction painful?

Due to advancements in pain medication, many patients report that their liposuction is fairly tolerable and not painful. Patients will feel some discomfort such as soreness and bruising in the treatment areas, but these side effects will dissipate as the patient heals. In fact, many patients tend simply use over-the-counter pain medication during the first few days after their procedure.

How long do liposuction results last?

A liposuction is a major surgical procedure because it extracts fatty tissue from the body; once this fatty tissue has been removed, they can’t grow back or be replaced with new fatty tissue—so the results of a liposuction are long lasting.

Of course, liposuction won’t remove all the fatty tissue in the treatment area, so if a patient gains weight, the areas treated by liposuction will be affected. This is why it’s important for patients to maintain their weight after their liposuction.

What is scarring like after liposuction in Dallas?

Liposuction is performed using small metal tubes called cannulas. These cannulas are inserted through small incisions made throughout the target areas. Once these incisions have healed, they should resemble small moles. After your liposuction in Dallas, you should be able to enjoy a sleek, new figure with very minimal scarring.

What happens if i get pregnant after my liposuction?

Liposuction doesn’t pose any danger to pregnancies, but some women find that they develop new pockets of stubborn fat after pregnancy or gain additional weight that’s hard to keep off. It’s possible you may need an additional treatment of liposuction after pregnancy and childbirth. If fact, many women opt for a mommy makeover—a combination treatment that targets changes to the body after childbirth using procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and of course, liposuction.

Can I undergo liposuction on multiple areas at the same time?

It is possible to perform liposuction on multiple areas in the same session, but it depends upon the health of the patient and the amount of correction necessary. Minimizing operative time is essential for the patient’s safety, but if the patient is fit and healthy enough, it may be possible. Many surgeons will err on the side of caution and choose to stage liposuction procedures, so make sure to talk to your surgeon regarding whether performing on multiple areas is possible for you.

How do I find the right surgeon for my liposuction in Dallas?

Here are a few specifications you should have if you’re looking for a surgeon to perform your liposuction in Dallas:

  • Should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Should have extensive experience with liposuction
  • Should be proven to be safe with liposuction
  • Should have hospital privileges to perform liposuction
  • Should be willing to show extensive before and after results
  • Helps you feel comfortable during the consultation
  • Has a professional medical staff

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