Get Ready for the Holidays with Injectables

Dr. Beale 12:06 am

December is jam packed with holiday parties and celebrations. You want to look your best for these events, but who has time for downtime? Hurry in for a quick visit to Dr. Beale. Our injectable treatments can smooth out wrinkles and rejuvenate the face. With the average treatment taking less | more

5 Healthy Habits to Adopt in the New Year

Dr. Beale 11:46 pm

Creating New Years Resolutions (and breaking them!) is all part of the tradition of celebrating the new year! But this year, we want you to keep your resolutions so we put together a few habits that are easy to adopt and easy to maintain. Try these 5 things and have | more

Ditch the Bulky Sweaters This Winter Season with Liposuction

Dr. Beale 5:21 pm

Are you planning on hiding your rolls and bulges underneath a bulky sweater this winter? Lose the fat and discover your best physique as the weather cools down. Yes, it is easier to cover up and camouflage fat during the winter, but why not flaunt what you’ve got instead? Ditch | more

Mommy Makeover Series: Recovery

Dr. Beale 10:16 pm

Give your post-baby body a transformation with a mommy makeover. After surgery and recovery, you’ll enjoy a flatter tummy, perkier breasts, and head-to-toe rejuvenation. Oftentimes the surgery is completed in just a few hours, but what about recovery? Learn the basics about recovery after a mommy makeover. When Will I | more

Non-Invasive Micro Treatments as Facelift Alternatives for Those in Their Early 40s

Dr. Beale 8:49 pm

A facelift isn’t the only way to rejuvenate your face. If you’re starting to see signs of aging, but aren’t quite ready for facelift surgery, ask us about non-invasive micro treatments. These facelift alternatives can smooth, tighten, and lift skin without the downtime of surgery. Come see Dr. Beale and | more

Why Fat Is the New Black- Fat Grafting

Dr. Beale 7:23 pm

Like the perfect black tee, a youthful face never goes out of style. As the body gets older, the face starts to lose volume, leading to wrinkles, sagging skin, and unwanted hollows.  Rejuvenate your face with fat grafting. This procedure takes fat from an area with excess and transfers it | more

Mommy Makeover Series: Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Dr. Beale 5:50 pm

If you have a flabby, saggy tummy after pregnancy, you have a dreaded condition we like to call “Mommy Tummy”. Don’t worry, it is fixable with a mommy makeover. It may seem like your flat stomach is long gone, but with a little plastic surgery, you can get it back. | more

What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation in Your 50s

Dr. Beale 4:40 pm

What is the best age for breast augmentation? Many people assume that breast implants are best for younger women, but the reality is, age doesn’t matter. Whether you’re in your 20s or your 50s, you can achieve stunning breast augmentation results with Dr. Beale. It’s not too late for breast | more

Types of Rhinoplasty

Dr. Beale 3:56 pm

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common types of plastic surgery procedures performed. However, not all patients that opt for rhinoplasty do so for the same reason. There are two types of rhinoplasty; functional and cosmetic. We have put together this infographic to break down the key differences:   Functional | more

What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation in Your 40s

Dr. Beale 4:31 pm

Have your breasts lost their youthful perkiness? Do you want to feel confident and sexy again, with or without clothing? For many women in their 40s, breast augmentation is the key to restoring a more youthful breast appearance. Here’s what you need to know about breast augmentation in your 40s. | more

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“Dr. Evan Beale performed my abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and breast augmentation a year ago and I could not be happier! It is without any reservation that I would recommend Dr. Beale to anyone!!”
-Lynda D.

“I never expected the results of my mommy makeover to make me look BETTER than I did BEFORE having kids! Thanks, Dr. Beale!”

-Beth T.

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