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Breast Augmentation Dallas – Dr. Evan Beale

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. The results are predictable and satisfying, while the recovery period is relatively short. Besides increasing the size of the breasts, breast augmentation can balance breast asymmetry, enhance figure proportions, and help your clothes fit better.

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Women who pursue breast enhancement surgery are frequently dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. For some women, the issue is lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding. If your breasts also sag significantly, you may need a combination breast lift/breast augmentation in order to achieve the results you want. Find out about breast lift surgery.

Women getting breast implants have several decisions to make – more than just the type of implant and size. There are also considerations with regard to shape and projection (how much of the breast extends out from the chest when in profile). Dr. Beale does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to plastic surgery, so he will work in collaboration with you to determine the best implant and surgical technique for you.

The first important decision you must make relates to the size and shape of the implants. During your consultation, Dr. Beale will conduct a physical examination and ask you a number of questions about how you would like your breasts to look. You will have the opportunity to see and handle different implants firsthand to help you choose the size and “feel” that you prefer. (Read more about the differences between silicone and saline below.)

Implants come in round shapes and teardrop shapes. Teardrop is fuller at the bottom than at the top and is considered to be more like the natural breast. Round implants provide more cleavage, however. Dr. Beale will make recommendations based on his many years of experience providing successful breast augmentations. Your unique anatomy must be taken into account. For example, your height, the width of your chest, and the proportions of your body as a whole should be considered when choosing the size and shape of your implants.

Types of Breast Implants

The second important decision about your implants is the type. Both silicone and saline implants are safe and effective. It is simply a matter of preference. Women between the ages of 18 and 21 are only FDA-approved for saline breast implants, while women over the age of 21 have the option of both saline and silicone breast implants.

What are the differences?

  • Silicone implants have a more natural feel and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not just round. They are less prone to rippling than saline and are filled prior to insertion, which means they may require a slightly larger incision. Silicone implants, through their variety of profiles and sizes, can offer each patient a personalized result, making them the most popular.
  • Gummy bear implants are actually a type of silicone implant that is “cohesive.” This means that the silicone is less runny or more viscous and will hold its shape within its shell without movement. Gummy bear implants can offer a very natural look after breast augmentation.
  • Saline implants tend to feel firmer than silicone implants, but offer a smaller incision because they are filled after they are inserted. Some women find comfort in the fact that if saline implants rupture or leak, you can tell quickly and take care of the problem.

Breast Augmentation Incisions

The third major decision is choosing one of the three types of surgical incisions used in the procedure. An incision can be made in the inframammary fold (the crease at the bottom of the breast), around the areola (nipple), or in the armpit. Dr. Beale is skilled in each technique and will work with you to decide on the incision that works best for you. Your anatomy and the type of implant you choose may affect your incision choice.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

The fourth and final major decision you must make is whether the implants are placed above or below the chest muscles (pectoralis major). In most cases, submuscular (under the muscle) placement is preferable. If the implant is placed over the muscle (subglandular placement), more of the implant is felt. For this reason, silicone implants are preferable in that case since they have a more natural feel.

The surgery itself takes about an hour and is performed in a hospital or surgery center, generally under general anesthesia. Breast augmentation can easily be combined with other procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, or a breast lift.

You can go home within hours of your surgery.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation

All sutures used in breast augmentation are placed below the skin and will dissolve on their own, so they do not have to be removed. We provide you with a special bra for comfort and support, which you must wear for a period of time after your surgery.

You should limit activity for 48 hours to reduce any discomfort, but you will be given medications to control any pain you experience. You can shower the morning after surgery and resume all normal activities within a few days, with the exception of strenuous activities (especially any exercises involving the chest).

Some bruising and swelling is to be expected, but this will go away within a few weeks. We will ask you to be careful during sleep and will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions. You will see Dr. Beale for follow-up examinations to make sure you are healing well and that you are happy with your results.

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“Dr. Evan Beale performed my abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and breast augmentation a year ago and I could not be happier! It is without any reservation that I would recommend Dr. Beale to anyone!!”
-Lynda D.

“I never expected the results of my mommy makeover to make me look BETTER than I did BEFORE having kids! Thanks, Dr. Beale!”

-Beth T.

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